Fixnity is the leading e-commerce platform in United States

Launched in 2020, it is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and fulfillment support.

We believe online shopping should be accessible, easy and enjoyable. This is the vision Fixnity aspires to deliver on the platform, every single day.


We believe in the trans-formative power of technology and want to change the world for the better by providing a platform to connect buyers and sellers within one community.


To Internet users across the region, Fixnity offers a one-stop online shopping experience that provides a wide selection of products, a social community for exploration, and seamless fulfillment services.


To define who we are – how we talk, behave or react to any given situation – in essence, we are Simple, Happy and Together. These key attributes are visible at every step of the Fixnity journey.


We believe in simplicity and integrity, ensuring a life that’s honest, down to earth and true to self.


We are friendly, fun-loving and bursting with heaps of energy, spreading the joy with everyone we meet.


We enjoy spending quality time together while shopping online with friends and family-doing the things we love as one big unit.



In 2020, Fixnity was launched in United States