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Create the ultimate retreat with our affordable Mainstays collection. Whether you want better sleep or a refresh for your space, we’ve got the decor, bedding & furniture to create a restful room in a classic style.

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Need cozy seating to hang with loved ones, a soft rug underfoot & attractive options for storage & display? Get it all here for less, with Mainstays. It’s the stylish, affordable solution to everyday decorating needs.

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Mainstays products offer an ideal balance between style and substance with a fresh, modern approach. As our own exclusive brand, the products in this section are not available anywhere else, and you’ll be delighted to see how many different home decor and furnishing options you can discover. Browse this category to discover furniture, bedding, storage accessories, soft bathroom furnishings, kids products, dinnerware, outdoor decor and much more, all at Every Day Low Prices.

Mainstays product categories

Are you still not sure whether Mainstays products offer what you need? Check out the range of product options available in this department to determine which specific category best matches your current shopping goals.

Furniture: Mainstays furniture offers an ideal solution for anyone who wants stylish, versatile home and office furnishings. With a variety of different furniture collections reflecting clean, modern style and simple forms that can fit in with nearly any style of decor, Mainstays furniture offers something for everyone. Look out for bedroom, lounge, office and storage furniture pieces in this category, including some items that require no tools for assembly.

Decor: Art and other types of decor offer that last special touch that makes your house unique, and having options to suit your personal style makes shopping a lot easier. The Mainstays decor category includes frames, lighting, rugs, candles and other decorative embellishments to use in various parts of your home. You can choose to shop by subcategory or browse the full decor category to see what catches your eye.

Bedding: Personal preference plays a big part in bedding selection. The Mainstays bedding category gives you access to a wide range of different textures and bedding pieces so you can configure just the right combination of items in the colors and materials you prefer. If individual item selection isn’t as important to you, consider going for a bed-in-a-bag set to get a total collection of bedding pieces like matching sheets, a comforter and pillowcases in one package. To narrow down your options in the full category, choose your mattress size and pick out your favorite bedroom decor colors using the filters on the left side of the page. This ensures efficient browsing and easy product selection.

Bath: Bathroom basics, such as shower curtains, towels, bath rugs and counter top organizers, make a purely functional room into a homey, personal space. If your bathroom is missing hardware essentials like a shower curtain rod or towel bar, you’ll find that in this section as well. Bare-bones bathrooms that lack shelving and other basics can get a complete overhaul without major renovations with these Mainstays products, and you can increase your amount of storage space in the process.

Kitchen and dining: Build your kitchen from the ground up with all the cookware, bake ware, tools, dinnerware and other items you need to create a useful cooking and dining arrangement. The Mainstays kitchen collection focuses on colorful and decorative design applied to simple basics, keeping your daily life vibrant and efficient. This category includes such a wide variety of products that you may want to make a list of the kitchen items you need and use the product filters on the left side of the page to browse more efficiently. This way, you’ll get to see all the relevant Mainstays kitchen products in each subcategory to find the best match for your lifestyle.

Storage and organization: Getting organized is often a matter of finding the right equipment to store your stuff. Mainstays organization and storage products are suitable for use throughout your home. Some of the products in this section are designed for use in a specific area, such as your closets or kitchen, and you can focus on these specific products if you know what you need. If you don’t yet know what organization and storage products might solve your problems, scroll through the product listings in this section to get inspiration. Product descriptions and names are helpful guides to consider as you browse.

Mattresses and accessories: Replace your mattress with something durable and comfortable by browsing through the options in this section. If you already have a mattress that works well for your needs, accessories such as memory foam toppers and vinyl mattress protectors can help you preserve your investment and enhance your sleep experience.

Mainstays Kids: While you can find kids products in other Mainstays categories, if you’re decorating a playroom, bedroom or bathroom for a child, this is the ideal category for you to shop from. The products here are designed to be more whimsical and cute as a way of distinguishing a space that s just for kids. As with other Mainstays categories, this kids section covers all the basic furnishing and decor bases with style and modern simplicity.

Patio and garden: Mainstays also provides an ideal range of essential products for outdoor spaces with some fun embellishments thrown in for good measure. You can design a complete patio lounge or dining space according to your size and style requirements by choosing from the furniture sets and individually packaged items in this section.