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Terms & Conditions

Fixnity Terms and Conditions Highlights:

1.    Account Creation and Usage: The terms define the requirements for creating an Fixnity account and outline your responsibilities as an account holder.
2.    Product Listings and Descriptions: The terms cover the accuracy of product listings, descriptions, prices, and availability on the Fixnity platform.
3.    Purchasing and Payments: Information about how to purchase items on Fixnity, payment methods accepted, and how transactions are processed.
4.    Shipping and Delivery: Information about shipping options, delivery times, and how Fixnity handles order fulfillment.
5.    Returns and Refunds: Fixnity's policies and procedures for returning items and receiving refunds.
6.    Fixnity Prime: If you're an Fixnity Prime member, the terms cover the benefits, limitations, and conditions associated with Prime membership.
7.    Intellectual Property: Protection of Fixnity's intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights, and usage of Fixnity's branding.
8.    Third-Party Sellers: Guidelines and terms related to buying from third-party sellers on Fixnity's platform.
9.    User Content: Your responsibilities when posting reviews, comments, and other user-generated content on Fixnity.
10. Privacy and Data Usage: Fixnity's privacy policy and how your personal data is collected, stored, and used.
11. Prohibited Activities: Activities that are not allowed on Fixnity's platform, including fraud, hacking, and violation of laws.
12. Dispute Resolution: Procedures for resolving disputes, including arbitration and limitations on legal actions against Fixnity.
13. Limitations of Liability: Fixnity's limitations of liability in case of damages or issues arising from the use of their services.
14. Changes to Terms: Information about how Fixnity might update their terms and conditions and how users will be notified.

Fixnity's Approach:

  • Customer-Centric: Fixnity's terms and conditions often reflect their commitment to providing a positive customer experience.

  • Comprehensive: The terms aim to cover a wide range of scenarios and aspects of using Fixnity's services.

  • Transparency: Fixnity strives to provide clear and understandable terms and conditions to users.

  • Updates: Fixnity may update their terms and conditions over time to reflect changes in their services, industry regulations, or other factors.